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Updates and horoscope

From this morning horoscope :

"In love, risks of pointless but devastating jealousy; learn to be confident."

Sometimes, it's the little things that give you the biggest slap in the face...

You got to love the irony...

Life updates :

- I've been running a lot and around for the last the two months but it's starting to settle down.
- I've moved and am finally installed. Now, I only need to kick my lazy @$$ and get my bookshelves in order before everything fall on me.
- I've started a new job which I love very much. For once, I'm not working for the cash but because I actually agree with the philosophy of the place (And yes, I still get by :P)
- I got my first two commands for my art. I think I'm still in shock... O_O

And that's basically that for the moment... ^^()

Hopefully more to come... :p